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When no one knows you (yet)

1. You can go all out Being unknown early on can be advantageous.  Did you know that many well-known people at

Handling rejection

Handling rejection can sure suck in the moment and sting like a kick in the shins. It’s not the news

Habits for success

There’s a considerable amount of advice out there about how to be successful through habits. In theory, much of it

So you failed, what’s next?

1. Learn from your experiences For most people, it’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t work out. Wouldn’t it

Energy and focus matter

It’s true – I’ve been guilty of getting frustrated at a customer service rep. In the world of being a

Unlearning perfectionism

As someone who has placed an emphasis on perfectionism in the past, I can honestly say it’s a stressful way

Self-confidence 101

The world can feel limited with a lack of self-confidence. In this article I’ll share a few things that have