Great design generates value and creates equity.

I believe that design does not have to be “bad” or “poor.” With careful consideration, we can create enriched, successful products that have a profound and positive impact on society. We can also create products that are truly great and do so without compromise.

I’m out to evolve how Industrial Designers today think and encourage more holistic thinking about problems and objectives. It’s not bad or wrong to only focus on styling. At the end of the day, however, styling alone will not fundamentally sell a product – it’s one piece of the puzzle and one tool in the kit that an Industrial Designer has access to. There are so many more factors that influence the success of a product such as a price, product story, quality, usability, the affinity of the brand. Other factors are elements such as a companies team, the features of a product, and the benefits to its users. 

I fundamentally believe that a broad perspective and level of knowledge about a range of subjects is critical and needed to create a compelling product. You must be able to understand factors such as technology and sympathize with the goals of the company. A great designer must also creatively leverage manufacturing techniques, marketing, business objectives, user research and all critical aspects of building a brand and product.

A remarkable Industrial Designer should be able to synthesize what everyone wants at a company and what’s of interest and importance to the customer. It’s crucial to be able to intake feedback from marketing, sales, c-level staff, engineering, and compliance, for example, to pull everything together into one cohesive and compelling product offering. A great Industrial Designer should be able to integrate technology in a meaningful and compelling way. They should understand the mentality of the user and the objectives of leadership and organizations.

I’m heavily embedded in the world of startups and have also developed a base of clients working on new ventures and initiatives within established companies. It’s where I thrive and love to invest in. I’ve been an entrepreneur and operated heavily on the business side of things. I’m an Industrial Design consultant who has also run a design studio with international clients. I believe I can bring a different perspective and level of compassion and insight that can only come from having a broad range of experience.

If there’s one single trait that has been learned over the years, its the incredible value of resilience. I’m a problem-solver and always eager to learn. I’ve worked on a wide range of projects and learned a diverse set of skills through these experiences.

I do this work because I was built for it, love it, and live for it. I believe that great Industrial Design is creative with purpose and different with reason.