I believe that authentic design is remarkable

From my experience, people respond best when design is honest and true in form, materials, and intent.

As a designer, if there’s a trait that has been learned over the years, its the incredible value of curiosity and resilience. I’m a problem-solver and always eager to learn. I do this work because I was built for it, love it, and live for it. My belief is that great Industrial Design is creative with purpose and different with reason.

I’m versed in creating compelling products in a variety of sectors and have been in the trenches on an array of multifaceted projects. Designing for transportation taught me styling, running a marketplace shaped me as a design materials expert, and consulting has been a deep-dive into methods and manufacturing. Working with clients over the years, I’ve gained tons of experience in ergonomics, sustainability, and prototyping. 

Good design is a call and response succession. It’s a taking in of what’s important to all parties, a synthesis of the findings, and an intelligent prioritized response. To be able to have a meaningful and creative solution, it’s crucial to be able to intake feedback from customers, marketing, sales, c-level staff, engineering, and compliance. Good design pulls everything together into a cohesive and compelling product offering. A great Industrial Designer should be able to integrate technology in a meaningful way. They should understand the mentality of the user and the objectives of leadership and organizations.

I’m heavily embedded in the world of startups and have also developed a base of clients working on new ventures and initiatives within established companies. It’s where I thrive and the area I love to invest in. I’ve been an entrepreneur and operated heavily on the business side of things. As an Industrial Design consultant, I’ve had the fortune of being able to work with clients around the world on really interesting projects. My goal is to bring a fresh and tactical perspective and to be a contribution in ways that count most for whatever project I’m involved in.

I’ve implemented progressive new studio curriculum for Industrial Design at, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), as well as California College of the Arts (CCA). As a consultant, I’ve worked with a range of clients including many known Fortune 500’s and many innovative startups. My work has been featured in the Cooper Hewitt as well as covered in Dwell, Metropolis, Core77, and many other media outlets.

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